How often should I have my dog groomed?
We like to see our furry friends every 6-8 weeks. This allows for proper maintenance of the coat condition, nails and ears.
What are matts?
If a coat is not properly maintained, matting, (or tangling) occurs, sometimes to the extent that it cannot humanely be brushed out. In this event, the kindest cut is “short” and we can work with customers on a brushing program that can prevent this in the future.
What are anal glands?
Anal glands are small sacs near the rectum that fill with a foul smelling fluid. Some dogs need to have these emptied on a regular basis to prevent impaction and infection.
How often should I have my dog's nails clipped?
A nail clipping every 4 weeks is ideal to maintain proper length.
How do you handle "bad" dogs?

Our staff has 31 years’ experience in dealing with “uncooperative” animals. To date there have only been a few dogs that we could not safely accommodate.

Does anybody ever forget to pick up their dog?
On occasion, a canine friend is forgotten in the shuffle of life. In this event, there is an after hour pick-up charge of $20.
What's the deal with the colored poodle?

We dye many pets here at the palace all dyes are done with pet-safe dyes.

Do I need vaccination records for grooming?
Vaccination records are only required for daycare and training classes. We require Bordatella and Rabies for daycare, and only Rabies for training. However, the Bordatella vaccine is strongly recommended for all dogs participating in any sort of canine group activity.
How early can I drop my dog off for daycare?
Our daycare hours are the same as our regular operating hours. If the demand grows, we may eventually offer earlier opening and later pick-up for daycare clients.
Is there a place for my dog to go potty?
The nature of our daycare center is that of an indoor dog park. Most dogs usually don’t have a problem going potty inside, which is promptly removed and disinfected
Do you accept credit cards?

We accept credit cards with a 3% convenience fee.



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